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Jeanette’s Secret to

Radiant Clear Skin

The New Face of ClearSK   Jeanette Aw

An award-winning actress, a filmmaker and now at the height of her career, Jeanette Aw continues to exude beauty and charisma as the new face of ClearSK!


Jeanette embodies our passion in smart and holistic solutions to stay refined and rejuvenated.


Join Jeanette in this journey to achieve radiant clear skin through ClearSK’s expertise in tailoring 1 multi-layer skin program for your unique skin.


Hear from Jeanette on her thoughts on achieving HEALTHY CLEAR SKIN:

“Healthy, clear skin is like how a perfect canvas is for art. I believe we should be able to feel comfortable and confident being just how we are, without having a great dependence on makeup, that’s in the most ideal situation. Therefore I do pay great attention to skin care, exercise, and keeping fit to achieve great skin. Now with additional treatments, I am one step closer to even better skin. ”

I have found the experts…

who tailored the right program

for my skin type

Established since 1999, ClearSK is the leading international aesthetics chain with 15 branches in Singapore, Shanghai and Suzhou.

We aspire to be the trusted partner of our customers in their pursuit of wellness, beauty and confidence by providing smart and holistic solutions, leveraging on expert guidance from our International Medical Advisory Panel (iMAP), advanced medical technologies and balanced lifestyle.

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