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Your skin is constantly subjected to environment and physiological stress

which leads to pre-mature aging of your skin. Premature aging happens when your skin cells’ renewal and repair rate slows down, and its symptoms are dry skin, pigmentation, and wrinkles showing up quickly on our face and skin. With sleep and exercise compromised due to our busy lifestyle, our skin cell renewal rate quickly falls to that of an older person. It’s no surprise that your skin cries for help and it affects your confidence.

Pigmentation & Freckles

Are stubborn freckles, spots and pigmentation covering your skin causing uneven skin tone?

Dry and Rough Skin

Do you see dry patches and rough uneven skin texture on your face?

Wrinkles & Sagging Skin

Are your frown lines, laugh lines or double chin getting obvious?

Have your own Radiant Clear Skin, just like Jeanette Aw!

Watch Jeanette Aw Share Her Story & Skin Secrets

If you’ve had dry, dull and wrinkly skin for a long time, or in extreme cases, saggy and aging looking skin, then you might think it’s impossible for you to achieve the bright, youthful skin you see on celebrities like Jeanette Aw.

You’re wrong about that

With ClearSK DNA-based treatment, just approved by HSA (Health Science Authority of Singapore). This treatment targets deep skin layer and speeds up the skin cell renewal process by repairing your skin’s DNA fragments.

Deep Skin Renewal

powered by DNA Deep Skin Booster

Proven of its high skin healing and skin rejuvenation properties, DNA Deep Skin Booster is the latest anti-ageing and skin healing treatment from South Korea using Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN). It works by improving physiological condition of the deeper skin, and recovering protective layers of skin by thickening density and thickness of dermis within 4 weeks of administration. These are only possible because the new Natural DNA Renew treatment directly reaches the deeper skin layer.

In Korea, it has already been actively used for skin repair and anti-ageing, with many studies shown that it stimulates cell growth for radiant, firmer skin.

Experience the Deep Skin Renewal TODAY


Deep Skin Booster (Injection-Free)

Trial price $128*

Package of 6: $768 ($128/session)

Luxurious pampering of your skin has never been easier. Deep Skin Booster uses the Japanese technology of Iontophoresis for effective absorption of Vitamins A, C & E and whitening serums into the skin to achieve fairer, brighter skin.



DNA Deep Skin Booster (Injection-Free)

Trial price $300*

Package of 6: $1800 ($300/session)

DNA-based treatment by doctors. Penetrates up to deepest skin matrix consisting of cell renewal of collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid & more! It’s a true renewal to the skin – reducing appearance of rough skin texture (pores/acne scars), wrinkles, and skin damages from UV rays like pigmentation.

*Limited to 1st time customers to the treatment program. Prices exclude the stamper device of $120 which can be used over 18 treatment sessions.

Learn About ClearSK

join event

to find out more

Every Wednesday, 4 – 8pm @ Scotts Medical Center

$10 REGISTRATION includes:

1. Learning From The Doctor About Your Skin!

2. Treatment Voucher, Product Samplers, Refreshments & Advisory


Believing is achieving

so visit one of ClearSK branches today and start your journey towards radiant clear skin.

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